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The Numbers Don't Add Up: Gender pay gap in the workplace

By Missy Lacock on May 1st, 2015 • choosing a career, Getting a job, Life

Closing the gender pay gap in the workplace feels liks an uphill battle. So knowing how to deal with inequality when entering the workplace is a vital skill. Just remember: You're worth it.

A Taxing Investigation

It's tax season, which means one thing: You probably have a lot of questions. Don't worry. We've got you covered. Phillip Christenson, a Chartered Financial Analyst and Registered Tax Return Preparer, is here to help.

Lucky Lotto

Banking on winning the lottery is a pretty common theme in the U.S. A 2006 survey by the Consumer Federation of America found that 21% of Americans thought instantaneous fortune was their most practical way of accumulating several hundred thousand dollars. However, we found some numbers that reveal how betting on hitting the jackpot might not have the best payout.

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